Create a website for individuals or companies: Using the right tools, creating a functional and professional-looking website is simpler and cheaper than imagined. If you want to create a website with the help of Mygatre read below to find out how your

Create a website for individuals or companies:

Using the right tools, creating a functional and professional-looking website is simpler and cheaper than imagined. If you want to create a website with the help of Mygatre read below to find out how your website is built.

Do you need to create a website for yourself or your company?

Here I will show you how Mygatre will make your website easy to build and manage independently after putting your company website online.

We just have to start.

Here's how we will create your company website.
Choice of the platform to use
You have decided to start your project to create your company website, and immediately the first question arises. Which platform to use?

There are many CMS (Content Management System) software to create and manage websites.

Guess what's my favorite ?! I do not have a preferred platform, we will choose the right one for you or your company, the most flexible platform, rich in tools and functions. Not only that: many of these CMS that we use are used by millions and millions of websites, including celebrities, prominent artists, big companies and multinationals, have achieved such popularity that it must necessarily be updated regularly. In fact, updates are often released not only with regard to functionality, but especially for security. (After creating and placing your website online, you can contact us if you have difficulty updating your platform). We will send you guides step by step to facilitate the update in case you want to do it all by yourself.

Once we have chosen the best platform to use for our project, we will move on to the next phases of the project.

Mygatre and a team of experts will take care of the creation of your company website
One of the biggest advantages of Mygatre is that it allows you to build your company website and manage it in complete autonomy, without having to study any programming language.

At this point, we will then be faced with a choice: The design of your website.

Collaborating with an external professional will surely make the job easier and faster.

The cost of a website created with Mygatre varies depending on the project that is a blog an E-commerce, corporate website, payment system and / or other depending on your project, those listed are just examples of what we can do .

If you have contacted a professional I suggest you contact us to request more information on our website creation service. (

Domain and account hosting
The next step in building your business website is the purchase of the domain and a hosting plan, (we will take care of that too, we will choose with you the right name and the right hosting plan for you or your company).

- The domain is the URL of your site, the web address that users will type in the address bar of the browser.

- The hosting plan is a sort of subscription that allows you to save the files that make up your site within a server space.

Very often, we buy domain and hosting plan at the same time.

Currently, the providers we use to create the site always depend on the type of site you are creating, even here after the email you send us and a clear idea of what you want to create will choose the best one for your needs. All the providers we choose for our customers are at the top of the best hosting rankings in the world.

If you plan to create a business website with e-commerce functionality, you will also need an SSL certificate. Most hosting providers also offer this service that we will do for you.

Choice of the theme
Regarding the choice of the theme you can easily send us an idea about which style you want for your website and we will think about the creation and the choice of the theme suitable to the needs of our client. (



Installation of essential plugins
Once the theme is installed, it is time to switch to plugins.

Plugins are small software that adds functionality to your site. Some of these tools are essential and we will also install these essential plugins to create your business website:

The SEO serves to optimize your site in SEO: From pages, posts, archives, media files, to find your products your services or what you do or your company in the most famous search engines as Google, Yahoo, Bing and many others ..

Once this is done we will move to the creation of the sitemap that serves to index your website that has now been created by search engines like Google and others.


Google Webmasters Tools and Google Analytics
At this point, we will link your site to Google Webmaster Tools 

(to send the sitemap and monitor the status of your site in Google indexes) and Google Analytics (to start tracking traffic on your pages).


A caching plugin
It is essential that your site loads quickly.

To make your pages faster, we will install a plugin in your site that creates a static copy of your pages. When users try to visit your site, instead of sending a new request to the server, the plugin displays the copy of the pages created previously.


Content creation
pages - that is, static contents that do not vary over time.
articles - that is, the blog posts that are arranged in chronological order.
Static pages
The pages for your company website are probably:

Who we are
Services / Products
Terms and conditions of sale
Privacy policy
Creation of social pages and connection to the site
The last step in creating your company website is the link to social networks.

First of all, create profiles on the platforms of your interest (I suggest you create profiles at least on Facebook, Twitter and Google+).

So, we will install a plugin to link the site to social networks and add the sharing buttons.

This is the process that we typically use to create a company website with the various CMSs. As you can see, the various steps are quite complicated. I suggest you contact us immediately at this email:

At the end, you will have the foundation to start to fill your site with content and promote your company on the web thanks to the guides that will provide you with the Mygatre staff.

Contact us now to know the quote to bring your company online and be reached by potential customers all over the world!


Alternatively you can request the customer support number to create your website at