Refurbished Smartphones

Refurbished smartphones

Reconditioned iPhone - Samsung reconditioned

Reconditioning is the process of repair and maintenance of an object, from an aesthetic or mechanical-functional point of view. Refurbished products can not be sold as if they were new, although sometimes they are "new" because they are returned by the customer who has, for example, changed their mind on color, or used as an exhibition. That's why they are labeled "reconditioned". If an object has been used, its operation is perfectly controlled, made the necessary maintenance or cleaning and the object is put on sale as reconditioned. Mygatre offers a guarantee on 12 month refurbished products. It is important to remember that all the devices are 100% original and are not bound by any contract of telephone operators, nor have they been the subject of complaints about theft or loss. The sale of these products is fully authorized and regulated by the competent authorities.

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